Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Future Projects

Just to keep somewhat organized, here are a possibility of future projects.

Pi-Day (March 14): a chocolate pi cake
AP History (for Mel) (March 9): not chocolate essay cake
Sydney's birthday (June 4): funfetti tie-dye hippie w/ snoopie on top.

Donations are welcome! (lol just kidding :D)

No, but really, I'm broke...


Dr. Edelberg (May 5th) - chocolate pudding layer cake w/ DNA on top
Jiji's Graduation (June 9th) - chocolate pikachu cake
Others that I currently do not remember...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Second Cake

Truthfully, I've only made two cakes so far. This one was a welcome home present for my sister when she came back from college. I didn't want it too big, so I just made it smaller than my first one. It's a black magic cake ( with whipped vanilla frosting and, of course, marshmallow fondant. Here are a bunch of pictures and some videos :D

Yeah, I kinda screwed up covering the cake a bit. Gotta work on that.

Gotta work on my flowers too...

 I really don't know what's with me and taking videos but here you go. It's more of me talking nonsense :D P.S. If you're wondering who I'm talking to at the end, it's my sister.
And then, of course, after the first slice! Success! She liked it! 

Woot! I'm super excited for my next cake. Be prepared for a very pi-type of cake! Hopefully, I'll have enough time to make it! Bye!

New Aspiring Cake Artist + First Cake

Hi, everyone!

My name is Annie, and I am currently an aspiring cake artist! Actually, I'm only a sophomore in high school, but baking is one of my hobbies (ever since about 2 weeks ago lol). On this blog, I'll post up pictures and videos any cakes I make for friends' birthdays, family birthdays, or any other time I feel like making cake teehee!

Anyway, here is the very "first" cake I made. I made it for my friend, Kelly's, birthday and the fondant character on top is Jirou Akutagawa from the anime, Prince of Tennis, 'cause she loves it. The cake, itself, is a funfetti box mix (don't worry, my second cake's homemade :D) with a whipped vanilla frosting and marshmallow fondant (I don't believe in regular fondant - it tastes bad :P)

You can ignore all the background talk. It's just me saying nonsense. Check out the video!