Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cake-pops, anyone?

Woot! Cake pops! Used the pieces of cake that I had from my pi-day cake and made cake pops! Sadly, I didn't have any sprinkles or anything I could decorate with (literally, absolutely nothing.) So it's just chocolate on chocolate (not that I mind or anything :D)

 Hehehehehehehe, I already ate two :P

Is it just me or did I make them abnormally big? 0.0

Well, I'm gonna slow down on the sugar now, so I probably won't be baking anymore cakes for at least a month. Bye!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi-Day!

My pi-day cake!! It's messy 'cause I didn't have that much time to fix it and everything, but it tasted good! (P.S. it looks nicer in real life than in the picture...:P)

Oh well! It's pi! Actually, it's a cake, but it's still pi!

Monday, March 12, 2012


So, yeah. As the title states, this cake was an epic FAIL. So pretty much, here's what happened. I was going to make an "essay" cake for my friend in her AP History class 'cause their 10-page essay was due. Then, I decided that since I'm not even in her class, I'll make it a bit more personal and less historical (haha see what I did there XD). So, I was going to base it off of zombie lane. However, that turned out to be harder (impossible!) than I thought. So, I just made it a green cake and left it at home for my family to eat. Pfffffffft. I'm such a fail :P

...Shoulda just stuck with the essay cake...

Oh well, at least it tastes good :)